About House Shares in Reading

Find a house share in Reading, Berkshire

Looking for a house share in Reading Berkshire? Speak to one of the house share advisors in Reading Berkshire at readinglettings.com.

A house share in Reading is often a good idea if you are new to the Reading area because not only can you get a house share property in Reading Berkshire cheaper than if you were to get your own flat in Reading, a hotel in Reading or house in Reading but it can offer more flexibility and also be a way of meeting new people.

Flexibility with a readinglettings.com house share in Reading Berkshire.

Instead of committing to a minimum term of 6 months, which is normally required for most rental houses or properties in Reading Berkshire, we can find you a house share in Reading Berkshire on a short term flexible basis. This means that you can move in quickly, without having to assess an area in depth, knowing that you are not stuck there for 6 months. It means you can use your house share in Reading Berkshire as a starting point, for example if you land a new job or place at Reading University through clearance and need to find somewhere to live quickly.

We have house share options in Reading that are inclusive of all bills so you only have to pay one monthly amount for your house share in Reading so you can budget easier without having to worry about individual bills, such as gas, electric, or council tax.
As you are sharing a housing with other people, it may also help socially, especially if you are moving to Reading Berkshire from elsewhere and don’t know other people or what to do in the Reading area.

A house share in Reading with readinglettings.com can be the cheaper housing option in Reading.

Renting your own flat in Reading or house in Reading can be expensive if you are on a lower income and also some consider a 6 month commitment, which is often the minimum term for property rental in Reading, to be too big. A house share in Reading Berkshire is often a lot cheaper and more affordable, meaning you have more disposable income to spend on other things or to save up money for a deposit to buy your own property in Reading Berkshire.

If you are working in Reading for a period of time, traditional accommodation options in Reading Berkshire, such as hotels in Reading or B&Bs in Reading or Bed and Breakfast in Reading can be both limited and expensive. Speak with readinglettings.com Reading and we will try and find you’re a cheaper option with a house share in Reading. A House share in Reading is likely to work out cheaper, be more homely, more comfortable and might solve a potential expensive parking problem.

Remember if you need a house share in Reading, speak with the best at readinglettings.com!